Glenrick Aziz Hodge

Glenrick Aziz Hodge, was born November 21, 1987 to Glenroy A. Hodge, Sr. and Mariatu Ariyibi-Sani in Chevery Chase, Maryland. Glenroy is from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and Mariatu is from the African nation of Sierra Leone. He was raised in and accepted two great religious traditions: Christianity and Islam. The fact that he was able to comfortably move between these two religions is extremely instructive and shows the kind of person Glenrick was in his heart. He was a gentle soul who hardly met an enemy; he embraced all children of Allah as his friends. Regardless of the profound disunity that may exist between two divergent personalities, Glenrick had the uncanny ability to be a friend to both and foe to none. It is this beautiful characteristic that enabled him to move across the country to Sante Fe, New Mexico where he developed another story, another narrative, and another family. He was embraced and loved in Santa Fe, then on December 19, 2014 he was called home to the bosom of his creator, where he joins all of the saints of the ages who walked the way of all the earth.   A renaissance man is an outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person—a genius. Glenrick Hodge was a renaissance man. As a musician, he played the guitar. As a tattoo artist, he made impressions on the human canvas that will continue to live and breathe on those who were fortunate enough to appreciate his gift. As a mural artist he painted one of the Muslim Mosques in St. Thomas, V.I., which is a visual treasure that will visited and appreciated for decades to come. And as a student at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico, he was an honor student. Glenrick Aziz Hodge was a beloved renaissance man who rarely met a human who was not his friend, which is a most amazing fete.     A few years ago, Glenrick decided that he was moving to St. Thomas, in-part to connect with his island pedigree and in-part to re-invent himself and advance his art. While in St. Thomas, Glenrick lived with Marcia Roebuck, the mother of his older brother, Glenroy “Putsin” “Fubzy” Hodge, Jr., and sisters, Kareema Stevens, and Kahilia Jackson. Marcia was not his biological mother, but she evolved as one of his mother’s! She called him her “beloved” son with as much compassion and force as she did with respect to any of the children she birthed. She protected and defended him with the ferocious prowess of an African lioness. Glenrick was not Marcia’s son, but Glenrick was Marcia’s son. This is the best way to express Glenrick. His presence defied logic. He created an oxymoron where ever he went: he was able to affix himself as the equidistant friend between two enemies. This is what made Glenrick so special.   Glenrick moved to Sante Fe, New Mexico to connect to his earthy side and pursue his artistic endeavors. He wasn’t there for a long time, but he was there long enough to leave an indelible impression upon everyone he met. At his memorial we got a chance to learn more about our Renaissance man. He was a hero to so many people, the amount of which we may never have an accurate count. Thus we say, Thank You Santa Fe! We are extremely grateful for all the friends and family that Glenrick has in New Mexico. It warms our hearts to know that he was loved by so many. We thank this community for the warmth and kindness they showed us on our trip there. You all will forever be a part of us. It was in Sante Fe that the Lord called Glenrick Hodge home to live with him. He took his final breath on the evening of December 19, 2014. At a heartbreaking time we are warmth in the knowledge that he transitioned from time to eternity while he was among friends. Truly, he wasn’t alone.   He was preceded in death by both of his grandfathers, Alvin Augustus Hodge, Sr. and Abdul Fata Ariyibi-Sani. Glenrick leaves behind to cherish his memory: his mother and father, Mariatu Ariyibi Sani and Glenroy Hodge, Sr.; step-mother, Olinda Hodge; retro-stepmother, Marcia Roebuck; paternal-grandmother, Alice “D’ Mama” Hodge; maternal-grandmothers, Yakah Kamara and Ruby Brooks; brothers and sisters, Kareema Stevens, Kahilia Jackson, Glenroy Hodge, Jr., Candyce “Tiny” Hodge-Taylor, Glenycia Caines Hodge, Zarena “Glennie” Hodge, Albion Dawson, Glendell Hodge, Glennette Hodge, and Glennessa Hodge; nieces and nephews, Kahirah Stevens, De’Shawna Hodge, Shyian Brown, Da’Sheera Hodge, Kahrieq Cordy, Anthony Hoyte, Mackenzie Hodge, and Glenroy Hodge III.; aunts and uncles: Agnes “Ermell” Rymer, Orlando “Karate” Hodge, Alphonso “Mikey” Hodge, Sr., Eartha James, Karleen Garnette-Hodge, I. Leion Hodge, Alvin F. Hodge, Jr., Jacqueline Monsanto, David Augustin Hodge, Sr., Alieu Ariyibi-Sani, Mohamed Ariyibi-Sani, Alcedo A. Hodge, Sr., Abu Bakaar Ariyibi-Sani, Melvin Franklin, Ivelisse Hodge, Charles Rymer, Sr., LeVonne Hodge, Leroy Roebuck, Theresa Paula Hodge, Shanreka Hodge, Ibrahim Kamara (Africa), Melvina Franklin and Balu Suma (Africa); Godmother, Michal Rhymer-Brown; Glenrick’s cousins are far too numerous to mention, but their love for him remains immense. He has cousins in England, the Caribbean, Sierra Leone, and the United states and was related to the Hodge, Garnette, Ariyibi-Sani, Alharazim, Kamara, Cole, Sesay, Sanusi and Tejan-Cole families.  “A Loving Tribute” My Brother, Our Angel  I never image that I would ever lose you.  The love I have for you is immeasurable.  The good memories are many and the bad, only a few. You put others ahead of yourself, which made you even more lovable. I know you’re watching us from up in Heaven,  My brother, Our Angel, we may have lost the physical but we will never lose you.  I will love you for eternity. Your Big Sister, Candyce  A Loving Tribute” May my beautiful partner in crime rest in peace. I no longer have permission to terrorize the neighborhood. Love, Zizi

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